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Bat Removal Process in Owen Sound

  • Inspection of house for bats

  • Bat Removal from attics and chimneys.

  • Bat proofing the house

  • Setting up bat exclusions on entry points

  • Attic cleaning and restoring post bat removal.

The Critter Guy Benefits

Why choose The Critter Guy for your Bat Removal?

The Critter Guy focuses on getting the job done without overcomplicating it. We provide fair pricing, honest work, and a 5 year warranty guarantee. If you encounter any problems, we’ll come back at no extra cost. We’ve done countless of jobs in Owen Sound, and look forward to helping you!

  • 5 Year – Warranty Guarantee

  • Family owned small business

  • 18 years of bat removal experience

Owen Sound Testimonials

From our Owen Sound Customers

“100% Recommended”

5 / 5

Very knowledgeable. I asked 100 questions about wildlife control and was pleasantly surprised at how much he knew. No complaints. Great animal proofing, and removed some dead animals.

Joshua Clark

“Very Happy”

5 / 5

We used Dave for bat removal in the past, and he was able to set up some exclusions and fix the problems. This time we had a raccoon mom and babies. Dave was back and quick as ever got the problem fixed by trapping the raccoons and proofing the house. Very happy with the results!

Lisa Watson

“Dave was Amazing”

5 / 5

We had been seeing lots of bats around the property and gave Dave a call. He arrived quickly and found the bat droppings, showed us where they were most likely entering, and was able to humanely remove them all. Dave has been a pleasure to work with.

Evan Montgomery

Owen Sound bat removal experts

Got a Pest? We’ll do the Rest!

Need help getting rid of bats in Owen Sound? Removal and Prevention of bats in attics, bats on roof, and bats in houses.

  • We’re fully protected with the correct equipment

  • Over 18 years of bat removal experience

Types of Bats found in Owen Sound

There are several different types of bats found in Owen Sound, Ontario. The most common type is the little brown bat, which is a member of the vesper bat family. These small bats typically roost in trees and buildings, and can be found in both rural and urban areas. Other types of bats found in Owen Sound include the big brown bat, the hoary bat, and the silver-haired bat. These larger species are more common in forested areas and tend to roost in caves or under the bark of trees. While all types of bats are important to the ecosystem, some species are more at risk of decline due to habitat loss and human disturbance. As a result, it is important to take steps to protect these valuable animals.

Owen sound bat history

History and News relating to Bats in Owen Sound

Owen sound is part of the Grey Bruce County and in the last few years there have been some incidences of bat bites and more. This article mentions two bats found in the Grey Bruce area have tested positive for rabies, one found in the town of Blue Mountains, ON and the other originating near Brockton, ON.

Bat Health Concerns

  • Parasites, ticks, and mites: Bats commonly carry parasites, and they can invade houses where the bats decide to roost and/or settle in.

  • Histoplasmosis: transmitted by bat droppings. Transmission is low, but especially fresh droppings have a higher rate of histoplasmosis fungus.

  • Rabies: About 5% of tested bats have been shown to be infected. More about bats and rabies here.

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What are Signs you have Bats  in Your House

Bat Droppings

One of the biggest signs that you have bats would be if you find bat droppings along eavestroughs, and on your roof near points of entry. You may also see bat droppings on decks, porches, attic, and windowsills. Sometimes there’s also a smell that accompanies it, and people have described it as an ammonia type smell. It can permeate your walls if left for a long time.

Seeing bats around the house in the morning and evening

Since bats are active mainly at night, you won’t be seeing much during the day. They start their day in the evening, and finish up in the morning. If you’re seeing this, there’s a good chance that the bats may be nesting in your attic or walls.

Chirping noises

Bats actually communicate via chirping noises. They’ve got such good echolocation for finding their prey as well as finding their way around obstacles, but they do communicate with each other through chirping. If you’re hearing a lot of noises that resemble chirping at night, dusk or dawn – there’s a really good chance you’ve got bats in the house.

Stains on possible entry and exit points

Something most people don’t know is that bats actually secrete oils and grease on the surface of their skin. So when they’re going in and out of your house by their little entry holes they’ve found or created, you can start to notice stains. They’ll leave a bit of a greasy stain that other rodents like squirrels and raccoons won’t. This is a telltale sign that you’ve most like got a bat infestation and should take care of it as quickly as possible.

Scratching noises in the walls

Bats have really big claws/nails, and when they move around inside your walls you can hear scratching noises. This can be really spooky, so if you’re hearing scurrying or scratching noises in your walls or attic, it could very well be bats or other rodents.

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