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Some Kind Words From Our Customers


We had some skunks and raccoons shack up on our property around our deck and garage. I also believed they were in our attic. The critter guys were impeccable, Roman and Dave, they got all the hard work done, and even found some raccoon babies. I’m glad I found them, because I would not want to do all the roof work and all the digging around the property.

Chris Johnson

“Outstanding Work”

5 / 5

Dave and the crew did not waste a minute of our time. They assessed the situation quickly, provided a few options, for which I was grateful for, and got the bats removed and the house secured. Five stars!

Shona Jones

“100% Recommended”

5 / 5

Very knowledgeable. I asked 100 questions about wildlife control and was pleasantly surprised at how much he knew. No complaints. Great animal proofing, and removed some dead animals.

Joshua Clark

“Very Happy”

5 / 5

We used Dave for bat removal in the past, and he was able to set up some exclusions and fix the problems. This time we had a raccoon mom and babies. Dave was back and quick as ever got the problem fixed by trapping the raccoons and proofing the house. Very happy with the results!

Lisa Watson

“Dave Was Amazing”

5 / 5

We had been seeing lots of bats around the property and gave Dave a call. He arrived quickly and found the bat droppings, showed us where they were most likely entering, and was able to humanely remove them all. Dave has been a pleasure to work with.

Evan Montgomery