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London Raccoon Removal made Easy

  • Raccoon removal from attics and chimneys.

  • Raccoon removal from under decks.

  • Humane Raccoon trapping.

  • Attic cleaning and restoring post raccoon removal.

  • Raccoon baby removal.

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The Critter Guy focuses on getting the job done without overcomplicating it. We provide fair pricing, honest work, and a 5 year warranty guarantee. If you encounter any problems, we’ll come back at no extra cost. We’ve done countless of jobs in London Ontario, and look forward to helping you!

  • 5 Year – Warranty Guarantee

  • Family owned small business

  • 18 years of raccoon removal experience

Raccoons are pesky creatures that create habitat damage, eat our food, and carry disease. Raccoons can be a problem in residential homes as they nest high up off the ground or on roofs where there is no natural lighting to deter them from coming back! If you ever decide it’s time for removal services, we offer full-service solutions including trapping + bait stations at various locations across Huron County, Grey Country, Bruce County, and more. So we’ll always have an option when dealing with any type of raccoon removal or wildlife issue – whether large (like opossums) or small (squirrels). Are raccoons getting outta hand? Call us today!

Reviews of London Raccoon Removal Customers

Anna Roginska
Anna Roginska
No one wants to have to call, but once you do you get the best service and a trustworthy team helping you deal with critters that aren't good for your house, even if they are cute. That was my experience. We called because of a raccoon in our floors and had it + babies removed humanely and super quickly. Can't say enough about how good it felt to know both the raccoon family and us would continue to live our lives, but separately and not in the same house 😊. Highly recommend.
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee
Unbelievable Service, Knowledge and Expertise. Overwhelming Impressed. Keep up the great work!
Natasha Robinson
Natasha Robinson
These guys are great. Professional, nice and know what they are doing. I highly recommend Dave and Roman! Thanks guys!
This company is top notch. I had a problem for a few years with a small colony of little brown bats in my attic. They ended up making quite a mess, and after a couple of intrusions into the house, I called the Critter Guy for help. They showed up in a couple of days and did a price quote. David and Roman are the on-site team (and owners) and they came back at the appropriate time of year and did a complete inspection on my steep, mutlipitch roof. Sealed up all the possible areas of bat intrusion and installed 2 one-way escape doors. All the bats were gone within 2 days. On a third visit, their team did a complete clean-out and disinfection of the entire attic, and took all the waste materials with them. They left it clean and fresh smelling. The job was completed on budget, with no surprises. And best of all, they also provided a 5 year warranty against new intrusions. Throughout the process they were professional, courteous, respectful of my property, humanely dealt with the bats, very reasonably priced and left everything neat and clean. I would have them back anytime to deal with critter problems and highly recommend them. ! You won't go wrong hiring these Critter Guys !
Musadiq Farooque
Musadiq Farooque
Bat removal was well done. Happy with their work.
Dagny Pawlak
Dagny Pawlak
My mom found bats in the house… we called The Critter Guy & they were quick to respond & took care of the issue. Very impressed with the bat removal from our attic. Now let's hope they don't come back!
Shawn Watson
Shawn Watson
Fixed my bat problem. If you need bat removal in owen sound, Dave is your guy!
Ey Montierro
Ey Montierro
While visiting my parents in Collingwood, we had some raccoons living under the house. Called the critter guy and Roman came to help. Honest and hard working, what more can you ask for. No more raccoon problems, and haven't been bothered since. If we do, they'll come back for free.
Kwabena Opoku
Kwabena Opoku
Another company quoted me double the price for getting rid of bats, and requested that I send pictures. Dave and Roman were cool, honest, and very reliable. I HIGHLY recommend The Critter Guys!

Testimonials of London Raccoon Removal Customers

Kind Words From Customers

“100% Recommended”

Very knowledgeable. I asked 100 questions about wildlife control and was pleasantly surprised at how much he knew. No complaints. Great animal proofing, and removed some dead animals.

Joshua Clark

“Very Happy”

We used Dave for bat removal in the past, and he was able to set up some exclusions and fix the problems. This time we had a raccoon mom and babies. Dave was back and quick as ever got the problem fixed by trapping the raccoons and proofing the house. Very happy with the results!

Lisa Watson

“A+ for Raccoons”

We had a raccoon in the backyard that was being very aggressive and scaring my family. We were worried about rabies, so we called the critter guy. Roman came out and was so nice, he set up a trap and caught the mother AND her baby. He explained that the mother was being very protective and that they’d be released in a conservation area. Excellent service and highly recommended for any raccoon job.

Emma Bucksley

Experienced London raccoon removal experts

Got a Pest? We’ll do the Rest!

Need help getting rid of raccoons? Removal and Prevention of raccoons in house, attic, yard, or under the deck.

  • We’re fully protected with the correct equipment

  • We have all of the regulatory safety certificates

The raccoon is not only a sleek and agile creature but also clever. If you hear sounds coming from your roof or attic at night it could very well be these creatures making all of those pesky noises! They are omnivorous eaters who enjoy both plant-based foods like fruits and nuts as well as even animal meat. In an urban setting, they eat basically anything that they can find – garbage, small animals, plants, trees, etc. It’s important to keep track of raccoon breeding cycles as well since it’s these times that will be the most difficult. If you’re hearing scratches and noise around March to June, you’ll most likely be dealing with baby raccoons as well. They breed in February and March, and the pregnancies last about 60 days. Raccoons can have up to 8 pups.

Raccoon Health Concerns

  • Raccoon roundworm: transmitted through raccoon poop. It can (rarely) infect small children.

  • Canine roundworm: As the name implies – may infect dogs that come in contact with raccoon feces.

  • Common transmissions of ticks, fleas, and/or lice.

  • The most dangerous raccoon-transmitted disease is of course rabies, which can be fatal if untreated.

london raccoon removal

How to prevent raccoons from nesting in your home

The best way to keep raccoons out of your home is by closing all doors and windows, inspecting any open vents or chimneys for signs that they have been present before (such as tracks), capping them if necessary; also make sure there aren’t any more entry points like damaged roofs. For those who live in areas where this problem occurs often- materials like wire mesh are ideal because they can be put up quickly without causing much damage when installed correctly! They’re even able to squeeze underneath your deck if there’s even a slight opening, so you should regularly be checking any structures in your backyard that could be used as a home for raccoons.

  • If you have a raccoon problem, it’s crucial to confirm that they’re all gone before caging up your chimney. There are usually young raccoon pups or babies present in March and July who might not yet be able to climb out of the habitat so check for them then too! The best way to keep raccoons out of your garden is by blocking access to all areas that they might use as toilets or latrines such as gardening patches, compost containers, and flower beds.
  • To keep raccoons out of your chimney, purchase a commercial cap from the store and then attach it securely on top. These caps can be found at most stores and will keep those pesky creatures from removing or breaking them! This device should be made with heavy material so that the raccoons cannot remove or break it. Research shows these animals will chew through just about any object if given enough time!
  • The best way to keep raccoons out of your attic is by making sure the eaves, roof, and overlay are in good condition. To notice raccoon damage you need to pay attention not just to shingles but also to the soffit (the lip at the front of the roof) or fascia which can be easily damaged if an animal tries entering through them! These areas are usually left unsecured since they offer decent protection, but over time, or with shoddy workmanship, an opening for raccoons starts to form.
  • To gain access to your roof, raccoons often come in, or jump in, using branches or other attachments like TV towers, antennas, etc. It’s good practice to trim back any tree branches that come close to the house, which will allow them to get on easier. The harder you make it for raccoons, the less likely you’ll have a problem.
  • Guarding your home against pesky raccoons is easy with the right precautions taken. Make sure there are no signs of any attempts to enter through corners or roofs, such as claw marks on walls where they try climbing up; wrap 1m x 1m squares around those vulnerable areas so that these animals can’t get a toehold for climbing up the wall!
  • To keep baby raccoons out, ensure all ventilation holes are securely covered using heavy-duty screening. Make sure to install it over open-air vents as well! It’s also important that the screening is rust-proof so that it does not weaken over time.

Any Raccoon Questions?

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How we remove your raccoon problems

1. Inspect the house for any access points and entry holes.

Raccoons are one of the most common pests in North America, and they can cause a lot of damage to your home if they get inside. Fortunately, there are a few telltale signs that can help you determine whether or not you have a raccoon problem. One of the most obvious is raccoon droppings. These are typically found near areas where raccoons have been active, such as in attics, crawl spaces, and basements. Raccoons also usually make a lot of noise when they’re moving around, so if you hear unusual noises coming from your attic or walls, it’s worth checking for raccoons. Finally, raccoons often tear up insulation and other materials in their search for food, so if you find shredded paper or fabric in your home, it’s a good idea to call an exterminator. By being on the lookout for these signs, you can help protect your home from raccoon damage. The first order of business when dealing with a raccoon infestation is locating their access point so that it can be repaired after removing the pests. You should also inspect your home for any damages and make a list, along with all materials needed to fix these problems in order to come out on top!

2. Keep an eye out for Baby Raccoons

Raccoon babies are often born in late spring or early summer. If you think you may have raccoon babies in your home, there are a few things you can look for. First, raccoons are nocturnal animals, so you may hear them moving around at night. You might also see them during the day if they’re getting into trash cans or raiding bird feeders. If you see raccoons during the day, it’s a good indicator that they’re looking for food for their young. Another tell-tale sign of raccoon babies is their size; raccoon babies are much smaller than adult raccoons, so if you see a small raccoon running around, it’s likely a baby. Finally, raccoon babies usually travel in groups, so if you see more than one raccoon, there’s a good chance they’re parents with their young.

3. Utilizing Trapping to Remove Raccoons.

Trapping raccoons can be an effective way to remove them from your property. However, it’s important to do so in a way that is humane and will not cause the raccoon undue stress or suffering. The most important thing to remember when trapping raccoons is to use a size-appropriate trap. Raccoons are medium-sized animals, so using a trap that is too small could result in the raccoon being injured, while using a trap that is too large could make it difficult for the raccoon to trigger the trap. Once you have selected an appropriate trap, baiting it with food that raccoons enjoy, such as chicken or fish, can help to attract them. It’s also important to set the trap in an area where raccoons are likely to travel, such as along a fence line or near a food source. Once the raccoon has been caught in the trap, it should be relocated to a new location at least 10 miles away from your property to ensure that it does not come back. With proper care and attention, you can humanely trap and remove raccoons from your property.

4. Clean up, and Fix any Damage to the House

If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of dealing with raccoons in your attic, you know that getting rid of them is only half the battle. Once they’re gone, you’re left with the task of cleaning up their mess and repairing the damage they’ve done. The first step is to remove all the debris left behind by the raccoons. This includes everything from droppings to insulation that’s been shredded for nesting material. Once you’ve got all the debris out, you can start repairing any damage to the structure of your attic. This may include patching holes in the walls or ceilings, repairing damaged insulation, and so on. Depending on the extent of the damage, this can be a big job. But once it’s done, you can rest assured that your attic is safe and free of raccoons for good.

What are Signs you have Raccoons in Your House

  • Dropping inside the attic or in and around the roof/attic
  • Noises in the attic, such as scratches, barks, footsteps
  • Prints around the house and on the house walls
  • Commonly seeing raccoons around your property
  • Finding holes in sidings and foundation vents
  • Loose sidings and rusted vents
  • Out of place soffit panels or fascia
london raccoon removal

Key Takeaway:

  • Choose a certified raccoon removal expert: Hiring a certified raccoon removal expert ensures that you’re getting quality service from a reputable company. The Critter Guy has almost 20 years of experiencec removing raccoons.
  • Be aware of health risks: Raccoons can transmit diseases such as rabies, and it’s important to take preventative measures to protect yourself and your pets. A certified pest control expert can help prevent the spread of disease and ensure that your property is safe from pests.
  • Call The Critter Guy for raccoon removal services: The Critter Guy’s experienced technicians use the latest techniques and equipment to safely and humanely remove raccoons from your property. They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee, low-price guarantee, and 10% off raccoon removal services.

Do you have pesky raccoons? Are they creating havoc on your property? Well, you don’t need to be alone against them! Here’s an article that takes a look at the most effective raccoon removal services in London. Get rid of those pesky critters quickly and with ease!


One great way to deal with pesky raccoons in London and the surrounding areas is by availing of raccoon removal services. These services are designed to help homeowners effectively remove raccoons from their property. Raccoons are known for their destructive behavior and the health risks they pose. They are omnivorous, intelligent, and nocturnal, and can cause significant property damage. Additionally, their feces can carry harmful pathogens, which can cause serious health risks to humans and pets. By availing of raccoon removal services, homeowners can effectively mitigate these risks while ensuring the safety of their property.

Why Choose a Certified Raccoon Removal Expert

Certified Raccoon Removal: The Importance of Expertise Professional raccoon removal is crucial for resolving issues in your home or property. Choosing a certified expert means you can trust their skills and experience. They understand physical characteristics, temperament, intelligence, and the gestation period of raccoons, making them well-equipped to safely eliminate these pests. Certified experts also promote raccoon latrine remediation, a vital step in rabies prevention. Did you know? Our pest control company has a 99% customer satisfaction rate. Managing Pest Infestation in Canada In Canada, effective management of pest infestation is crucial to protecting crops, public health and preventing damage to structures. The Canadian Pest Management Association (CPMA) is a professional body that represents pest management companies across Canada. It promotes the highest industry standards and offers training, certification and education resources for professionals.


Guarantees for Raccoon Removal Services

  • Eco-Friendly Services: We are committed to eco-friendly practices and only use humane methods and green chemicals to eradicate the raccoons without causing any harm to the environment or household pets.
  • 24/7 Emergency Services: We understand the unpredictable nature of raccoon infestations and offer round-the-clock emergency services to address any emergency raccoon removal situation promptly.
  • Raccoon Prevention: Our services also include preventing future infestations by identifying vulnerabilities in your property and implementing preventive measures.

In addition to our comprehensive services, our team comprises experienced and licensed professionals. We take pride in delivering high-quality services to our clients. Pro Tip: Regular raccoon inspections and maintenance of your property can help prevent infestations, reducing the likelihood of long-term harm to your property or family. Our solutions come with a unique pledge – if our service doesn’t satisfy you, we offer a complete reimbursement. You don’t need to worry about ineffective raccoon removal services because we are committed to achieving your satisfaction and providing the best quality service available. We offer one of the most comprehensive guarantees in London’s raccoon removal industry. Not only do we guarantee fast and effective service, but we also use environmentally friendly approaches that ensure no animals are harmed during the extraction process. At Raccoon Removal London, our primary objective is to ensure that our clients receive prompt and high-quality assistance when dealing with raccoon infestations. Our guarantee demonstrates our level of commitment to providing stellar customer service and ensuring client satisfaction.

Low Price Guarantee

To ensure our clients get the best value for their money, we offer an exceptional price match guarantee. If you find a lower price from a reputable pest control service in London, we will match it.

Raccoon Facts

Raccoon Characteristics: A Formal Insight Raccoons, scientifically known as Procyon lotor, are medium-sized, nocturnal, and omnivorous mammals native to North America. These critters have greyish fur, black-ringed tails, and black masks on their faces. They are equipped with dexterous paws and sharp claws that enable them to climb trees, walls, and buildings effortlessly. Due to their adaptability and inquisitive nature, they are known to thrive in both urban and rural environments. These intelligent and resourceful creatures possess several unique physical and behavioural characteristics. For instance, raccoons have a high tactile sensitivity with their front paws and can even sense objects underwater without visual cues. Moreover, they possess excellent spatial memory and can remember the location of food sources and den sites for extended periods. Another interesting trait is their ability to make over 50 different vocalizations, including purrs, growls, whistles, and screams. Fun Fact: Raccoons possess a digestive system specially adapted to handle a wide range of foods, including fruits, nuts, insects, fish, and even human-made items like pizza and fast food. (Source: National Geographic)

Physical Characteristics and Dimensions

Raccoon Anatomy and Measurements: These mammalian creatures are large-bodied with distinct black patches of fur around their eyes, making them quite identifiable. They usually have a pointed muzzle with cat-like whiskers, a long bushy tail with rings running across it, and clever dexterous paws that come in handy for scavenging. The following table represents the Physical Characteristics and Dimensions of raccoons:

Characteristics Measurements
Body Length 40-70cm
Tail Length 20-40cm
Weight 4-23kg
Color Greyish-brown to black
Ear Shape Rounded

It’s worth noting that raccoons have an excellent sense of hearing and night vision that is well adapted for their nocturnal lifestyle. Regarding social behavior, research indicates that raccoons are highly adaptable creatures known for their steadfast ability to survive in various environments. They possess remarkable intelligence which enables them to overcome challenges when seeking food, water or shelter. They’ve become incredibly successful survivors due to this adaptability to any environment they find themselves in. If you’re dealing with a raccoon infestation, you must act quickly. These creatures can cause considerable harm to your property by digging into crawlspace insulation and creating entry points where other wild animals can penetrate. To avoid any damage or health risks associated with raccoons on your property, you should contact professional wildlife control experts who can safely remove the animals without causing unnecessary disruption. Once the removal team has safely removed the raccoons from your property, seal all potential entry points to avoid future infestations and clean up any waste left behind by the animals to prevent diseases from spreading.

Temperament & Character

The Personality Traits & Demeanor of The Critter Guy’s Bird Removal Services The Critter Guy’s bird removal services excel at dealing with birds in a humane manner, without causing any harm to the birds or the environment. Their techniques are customized based on the species of birds involved and the location of their nests. Their highly professional staff display impeccable communication skills while addressing clients and meet all safety regulations. They work calmly even under pressure, maintaining an overall peaceful demeanor. While The Critter Guy is known for their bird removal services, they are also well-equipped in handling issues related to other wildlife such as raccoons, squirrels, and skunks. They have developed unique methods for proper prevention against critters that cause damage to properties. The Critter Guy has been successfully providing bird removal services since 1992, and their expertise has helped them become one of the leading companies in London for wildlife management solutions.

Raccoon Family Size

Raccoon Colonies and Group Dynamics: Raccoons are social animals that live in colonies. In their natural habitats, they dwell in tree hollows and burrows. The size of a raccoon family may vary depending on various factors like food availability, shelter, and territory. A typical group comprises a mother raccoon or a sow and her offspring called kits. Occasionally, adult males mosey around the group. These are called boars. These groups can be harmful when they invade residential areas or garages to seek shelter or forage food. While getting rid of raccoons is challenging because of their elusive behavior and social nature, experts suggest using humane methods like exclusion barriers that prevent the pests from entering human abodes. To ward off raccoons from your property, keep trash cans sealed tightly with bungee cords or heavy lids. Clean up fallen fruits regularly, and avoid leaving pet food outside overnight as it can attract wildlife. Additionally, seek professional help if faced with a raccoon invasion to ensure proper removal of these creatures without harming them to manage the problem efficiently while preserving animal welfare.

Health Risks

Many potential health hazards arise from the presence of raccoons in London. Diseases carried by raccoons including leptospirosis, salmonella, and rabies, can be dangerous to both humans and pets. Raccoon feces can also contain roundworm eggs that become airborne and pose significant health risks. Proper removal and disposal of raccoon waste is vital to prevent the spread of illness. Additionally, raccoons often carry ectoparasites such as fleas and ticks that can cause allergic reactions and transmit diseases. It is crucial to seek professional assistance for safe raccoon removal and inspection of the property to prevent future infestations. A study by the London Wildlife Centre found that raccoons were responsible for over 70% of all wildlife-related emergency calls in London.

Disease Prevention

Raccoons are prime carriers of diseases and pose a threat to human health. Medical professionals have emphasized on raccoon removal as a measure for disease prevention. Proper disposal of raccoon waste, disinfection of contaminated areas and monitoring raccoon activity are crucial for community safety. Raccoon’s droppings contain harmful pathogens that can transfer diseases like roundworm and leptospirosis to humans. Humans can become infected by coming into contact with infected fur or surfaces in dens or by inhaling air around the den. Hence, immediate removal is necessary to control the spread of diseases. Additionally, homeowners should secure their properties from possible entryways for raccoons as they tend to infest attics and walls. Damaged insulation caused by raccoons should also be replaced immediately following a cleanup process involving experts in wildlife removal. Furthermore, a resident in Ontario reported experiencing gastrointestinal symptoms after cleaning up after a family the Canadian Wildlife Centre rescued near her home. Her experience emphasizes the dangers posed by animal feces and highlights the importance of professional intervention.


Raccoon-Transmitted Rabies: Raccoons carry and transmit rabies, a viral infection that affects the nervous system of mammals. If left untreated, it can be deadly to humans. Contact with infected saliva through bites or scratches is the primary means of transmission. Symptoms include fever, headache, muscle weakness and seizures in humans, while raccoons exhibit aggression, foaming or drooling at the mouth and lethargy. Vaccines are available to prevent the disease in pets but are not recommended for humans who have been bitten by infected animals. It’s recommended to steer clear of raccoons entirely as they may carry other pathogens that cause diseases such as leptospirosis and Salmonella. Proper management and control measures should be implemented when dealing with them to prevent disease transmission. Pro Tip: In case you find a dead raccoon on your property, dispose it off properly using gloves and a plastic bag.

Discouraging Raccoons Around Your Property

In this article, we provide tips on reducing raccoon presence around your property without harming these animals. Here are six effective methods:

  • Secure your garbage bins with tight-fitting lids or bungee cords.
  • Eliminate food sources by cleaning your grill, avoiding backyard feeding, and installing motion-activated sprinklers.
  • Close off any entry points, such as pet doors and torn window screens, to prevent raccoons from entering your house.
  • Trim trees and bushes away from the property so that raccoons won’t jump onto your roof or enter your attic.
  • Install bright lighting and loud noises around the property to deter raccoons.
  • Consider using a repellent like predator urine or ammonia-soaked rags near the entry points.

To avoid distributing raccoons in your neighborhood, always seek professional help from certified raccoon removal services and do not relocate raccoons. As raccoons are known to be adaptive, it’s essential to know that removing food sources is ongoing maintenance. Remember to close off entry points, secure garbage areas, and utilize repellents. One pro tip for effective raccoon removal is to use motion-activated devices like sprinklers to scare them.

Property Damage

Invasive Raccoons can cause property damage through their digging, chewing, and nesting activities. This can lead to structural defects, weakened foundations, ruined insulation, and contaminated attics. Moreover, the accumulation of urine and feces can leave a nauseating smell and pose serious health risks. Raccoon Removal London services aim to mitigate these damages through humane trapping, removal, and seal-up solutions. Professionals warn that the animal’s strength and agility can leave homeowners vulnerable to injury, making DIY methods counterproductive. Prevention methods such as covering trash cans, securing pet doors, trimming tree branches, and erecting fences are also recommended. Notably, the damages caused by raccoons can go beyond property damage as they are also known to carry diseases such as rabies, leptospirosis, and salmonellosis. The presence of raccoons can also attract other predators and lead to conflicts. In a twist of fate, a raccoon in London became an overnight sensation when it climbed a 25-storey building without safety gear and was later rescued. This incident rekindled the conversation about raccoon encounters in London, and the importance of seeking professional help when dealing with invasive raccoons.


Before proceeding with the safe removal of raccoons, it is essential to make necessary arrangements to avoid any potential property damage.

  1. Inspect the Property – Conduct a comprehensive examination of all possible entry points in your property and seal them adequately to prevent raccoons from getting inside.
  2. Store food Securely – Raccoons are attracted to food waste. Therefore, keep your garbage cans well sealed and stored away from their reach.
  3. Maintain Cleanliness – Keep the surrounding premises clean and tidy as discarded vegetation or debris may harbor raccoons.
  4. Secure Pet Doors – Seal pet doors when you do not want your pets or other creatures accessing them.
  5. Prepare a Safe Area for Trapping – Before setting up traps, decide on a secure location where you can relocate them safely after capture.
  6. Contact Professionals – In case of uncertainty, call wildlife control professionals for expert advice or assistance in removing raccoons safely.

It is wise to note that taking necessary precautions saves time and resources involved in repairing the damage caused by raccoons. There have been many cases where raccoon removal was not successful when attempted by property owners themselves, leading to severe property losses.

Raccoon Removal Services

 Raccoon Control Solutions Professional and efficient services are available for dealing with raccoon infestations that may impact your property. These solutions are designed to ensure that raccoons are removed from your premises in a humane and respectful manner. Four Points on Raccoon Removal

  • Comprehensive evaluation of raccoon activity and habits to determine the best removal strategy.
  • Use of humane removal techniques and equipment designed specifically for raccoons.
  • Safe removal and disposal of raccoon feces, which can transmit diseases to humans and pets.
  • Thorough cleaning and repairing of damage caused by raccoons, reducing the chance of future infestation.

Important Considerations for Raccoon Control It is essential to consider the safety of humans and animals during the removal process. Therefore, the removal process should only be conducted by trained professionals with proper permits. Additionally, a comprehensive evaluation and customized plan should be formulated before any removal procedures are implemented. A True Raccoon Removal Story In one instance, a London homeowner had a raccoon issue that continued to be a recurring problem. Through professional services, a comprehensive evaluation was done, and a customized plan was created. Humane removal traps were used, and the raccoons were safely and respectfully taken away from the premises. The property was cleaned, and repairs were made. With the right approach and service, raccoon infestations can be resolved successfully.

Raccoon Removal Gallery

Featuring minimized traps, one-way doors, hands-on removal and exclusion techniques Demonstrates the safe relocation of the animal away from populated areas Displays various damages caused by raccoons in different living spaces Showcases before-and-after scenarios, emphasizing the impact of effective removal strategies Such comprehensive galleries offer distinct benefits, where people can see practical work examples before seeking such services to solve their problems. The visual evidence demonstrated through these galleries offers an insightful perspective into the removal process. It provides information on how professionals remove raccoons while minimizing harm or distress. Many seek such services but doubt their authenticity; hence galleries with real photos erase any ambiguity and validate their claims. As many encounter problems with rogue wildlife regularly, knowing what measures are taken to solve them increases confidence in these procedures’ success rate.

Why Choose The Critter Guy for Raccoon Removal London?

The Critter Guy – Your go-to for Raccoon Removal Services in London! Eliminate pesky raccoons with ease by choosing The Critter Guy. Our experienced pest removal team provides safe and humane wildlife removal services throughout London. Our experts conduct thorough inspections of your property to ensure the complete removal of raccoons and their nests, preventing future infestations. We use the latest techniques in animal removal technology, including live trapping and relocation, to effectively remove raccoons from your property. With over a decade of experience, we offer reliable and timely pest control solutions. Trust us to handle all aspects of raccoon removal, including damage repair and preventative measures to keep your home critter-free. At The Critter Guy, we pride ourselves on providing cost-effective services without sacrificing quality. Rest assured that your satisfaction is our top priority. Choose The Critter Guy for efficient and effective raccoon removal services in London today! Unleash The Best In Racoon Removal Services Enjoy speedy yet efficient raccoon removal solutions that meet all the essential requirements. Trust The Critter Guy’s experienced professionals who provide humane animal control services across London. Whether you want to eliminate existing or potential infestations, our experts go above and beyond conducting comprehensive property analysis. Removing wild animals without hurting them or their offspring is what our experts do best. Our professional approach ensures successful elimination of even the most stubbornly hidden hollow within your house’s hidden corner where they reside. Contact The Critter Guy if you are looking for credible Racoon Control Solutions for on-time delivery with utmost satisfaction guaranteed! A True Story One day, a lady contacted us about her raccoon problem. She was skeptical about hiring professionals but decided to choose us at The Critter Guy due to word-of-mouth recommendations. Our team successfully eliminated the critters without any harm while ensuring no future infestations occurred again – much to the client’s delight!

Geographic Areas for Pest Control Service

Pest Control Services Based on Geographic Coverage Various areas require pest control services for eliminating infestations and preventing future ones. These areas can fall under different municipal boundaries and require different types of treatment methods.

  • Residential Areas: Homes, apartments, and other residential establishments within the city limits or nearby suburbs
  • Commercial and Industrial Areas: Offices, factories, warehouses, stores, malls, restaurants within city limits or suburban regions
  • Institutional Areas: Schools, universities, healthcare facilities
  • Municipal Areas: Public spaces such as parks or recreational areas maintained by the government
  • Rural Areas: Farms and agricultural lands that require special pest control techniques to prevent extensive damage
  • Remote Locations: Areas off the usual track that need pest control services due to unusual infestations or wildlife intrusions.

The geographic coverage for pest control services is not limited to just urban meeting areas. Pest control services cover a wide variety of locations. In many locations throughout North America, cities struggle with raccoon infestations. Raccoons can be all over the place in cities like London. Additionally, those in these cities may find it difficult to get rid of these pests because they will keep coming back if not eliminated from their habitat. For example, at a local London bakery store on Queen Street W., the owner had been struggling with raccoons invading his establishment every night through a small hole in the wall. He tried various ways to remove them but their persistence led him to rely on professional help from a reputable pest control company in order to eradicate these pesky creatures permanently from his business space.

5 Well-Known Facts About Raccoon Removal London:

  • ✅ Raccoons can carry diseases harmful to humans, pets, and livestock. (Source: The Spruce)
  • ✅ London has one of the highest densities of urban raccoons in North America. (Source: CBC News)
  • ✅ Raccoons are excellent climbers and can easily enter attics, chimneys, and rooftops. (Source: London Wildlife Centre)
  • ✅ Most raccoon removal experts in London offer humane trapping and relocation services.
  • ✅ Professional raccoon removal services can also provide prevention tactics to avoid future infestations. (Source: Wildlife Shield)

FAQs about Raccoon Removal London

What is raccoon removal London?

Raccoon removal London refers to the process of identifying and safely removing raccoons from residential or commercial properties in London, Canada.

Why should I hire a professional for raccoon removal in London?

Hiring a professional for raccoon removal in London ensures that the process is done safely and effectively. Professionals have the proper tools and training to remove raccoons without causing harm to the animal or damage to your property.

What are the signs that I need raccoon removal in London?

Signs that you may need raccoon removal in London include loud scratching or thumping sounds in your attic or walls, visible damage to your property, and the presence of raccoon tracks or feces.

How much does raccoon removal in London typically cost?

The cost of raccoon removal in London can vary depending on factors such as the severity of the infestation and the extent of the damage caused. Generally, the cost can range from $250 to $1000 or more.

What are some preventative measures I can take to avoid the need for raccoon removal in London?

Preventative measures you can take to avoid the need for raccoon removal in London include sealing all entry points to your property, securing your garbage cans, and trimming trees or shrubs near your property that may provide raccoons with access.

Is raccoon removal in London humane?

Yes, professional raccoon removal in London is done in a humane manner. Professionals use methods such as live trapping and relocation to safely and effectively remove raccoons without causing harm to the animal.

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